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I'm long time, enthusiastic, keen self-taught Delphi programmer. I work with Delphi since Delphi 2, now working with Delphi 2007. I develop all types of applications, but emphasize for database applications. I use MySQL for client-server apps, and SQLite for local database apps.
I love to learn new things, now I learn multihreading and TCP/IP communication. Every thing I had to learn is a challenge for me.

Below you have my Delphi programs, all is freeware, ready to download and use

Hello world, I had a very, very long delay in programming. I decided to do significant changes in my private life. After 25 years in one company I changed my employer and left my hometown after 40 years of life. And child was born to me ... it`s a boy

Update 2016

After one year of staying in Valasske Mezirici, I returned to my hometown and started new job in chemical factory in nearby town Usti nad Labem. I had to return to my girlfriend and to my small boy. I interrupted the programming for a while, returning to hometown and starting new job is time consuming. I will return to my programs as soon as possible

If you want to support me, any donation is frankly appreciated